Rae Ramsdell

Compliance Analyst

Holt, MI


Rae Ramsdell has over 30 years experience in the regulation of both commercial occupations and health professions for the State of Michigan.  She has written numerous documents and brochures for applicants, the professions, state board members and the public explaining specific issues, procedures and instructions on completing forms and answering frequently asked questions including the development of publicly accessed websites.  When she first started work in state government, she spent almost 20 years writing and administering state licensing examinations for various professions which require detailed editing.

Over the following 10 years, Ms. Ramsdell oversaw a staff of fifty people who handle the licensing and renewal process of about 400,000 licensees and the registration of nurse aides.  For the last 8 years she has also been responsible for the meetings of 25 state regulatory boards and the development or revision of administrative rules for the boards that establish educational, examination and application requirements.  In November 2008, the people of Michigan passed a ballot proposal that would allow qualified patients to use marijuana for medical purposes and the implementation of the program was assigned to her.   For about 2 years, she was assigned to oversee the staff who process complaints against licensees who violate the Public Health Code in addition to the board activity oversight and the medical marijuana program.  Her last position was as the Director of the Bureau of Health Professions in the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs overseeing the licensing and regulation of the 70+ health professions.

Since then, Ms. Ramsdell has participated as a consultant regarding regulatory issues, and she has been a compliance analyst with Affiliated Monitors.  As a compliance monitor, she has worked with clients whose practices needed to be reviewed and monitored on a periodic basis to comply with state board disciplinary orders or peer review requirements.  She works with health professionals who serve as monitors to review the procedures and documentation utilized in the practices of the clients.