M. Radhika Nath, PhD.

Compliance Solutions Manager

Denver, CO


As the Compliance Solutions Manager with the Healthcare Solutions Division of Affiliated Monitors, Inc., Dr. Radhika Nath leads independent, objective monitoring efforts on behalf of healthcare clients responding to State Medical and Healthcare Boards’ enforcement and regulatory actions. She uses her experience and expertise as a healthcare services researcher to develop and present information necessary to build and/or to maintain positive relationships between the client and the government regulators. She engages with clients to improve ethics and compliance in order to promote patient safety and quality care. From understanding the issues and deficiencies in the professional conduct, finding a suitable healthcare peer monitor, setting up a compliance program and communicating with the Board, she handles all the case work to support the success of engaged clients and Boards.

Dr. Nath brings national and international healthcare experience, having worked in academia, the private sector, public sector and the non-profit association world – all in the realm of healthcare. Her positions have led her to keep increasing her knowledge and expertise in issues of healthcare practice, policy and management. She came to AMI after serving on a $65 million state initiative at the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing and the Department of Public Health and Environment, funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI), to bring innovative solutions to primary care. Prior to that, she ran her own analytics department at a state hospital association while also serving as a governor-appointed member on the Colorado State Board of Pharmacy. She was a senior scientist with a national association, representing medical groups and physicians. She has experience working with big data (such as the All Payer Claims Data – or APCD).

Dr. Nath graduated with a doctorate in Public Administration with a dual focus on Decision Sciences and Organizational Behavior from the Rockefeller College at the University at Albany, SUNY. She also completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at the Department of Primary Care and General Practice in the school of medicine at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.