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Writing Compliance Advice That Employees Can Use, Part 1: Gathering Facts

This two-part article in Compliance & Ethics Professional (CEP) Magazine focuses on Scott Garland’s approach to writing compliance advice that employees can use rather than puzzle over. It’s drawn on lessons from Scott’s nearly 20-year career as a federal prosecutor, including a four-year stint advising prosecutors on how to conduct investigations and prosecutions ethically.

Since his advice often had to work for people handling high-pressure situations that unfolded in real-time, such as publicly-held trials or law enforcement searches, the advice not only had to be right but also effective, memorable, and followable in real time.

Part one of the article, published in the March edition, addresses how to work with the advice-seeker to gather and focus on the facts, including how to deal with the advice-seeker’s stress and the importance of identifying the organization’s risk tolerance up front. Part two, coming next month, will give practical advice on how to structure, organize, and format the written advice for maximum clarity and, most of all, utility.

We hope you enjoy and definitely reach out to Scott with any questions!

You can find it here at, or here on Affiliated Monitors’ website.

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