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Some people consider ethics and compliance officers as risk averse given our roles in organizations.  However, so many people in our professional community have taken risks and evaluated opportunities for both their personal and professional lives.  Today’s guest is one of those people.

Cristina Revelo started her career at KPMG, and then moved to WalMart, and also relocated to Arkansas to take on this role.  Today, she is Deputy Director, Corporate Monitoring and Compliance Services at Affiliated Monitors, Inc. Cristina talks about her experiences when she joined WalMart, and in particular about going to Chile and taking on an interim country lead role.  She talks about opportunities that she took early on and challenges that she encountered, being less senior than some others and being a woman. There were also times where she looked at an opportunity and decided it was not the right one, and how she said no, without burning bridges and remaining open to new opportunities. We also get to hear how it is going at Affiliated Monitors as it is a relatively new role for Cristina, and also talk a bit about our experience at SCCE CEI.  We hope you enjoy this last episode of the summer/fall GWIC series.