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Jay Rosen

Vin DiCianni, Jay Rosen and Don Stern Will Represent AMI at The 33rd Annual National Institute on White Collar Crime – March 6-8, 2019

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Affiliated Monitors, Inc. will be one of the sponsors of the 2019 White Collar Crime National Institute which will take place from Wednesday, March 6 to Friday, March 8, 2019, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Last year, attendance exceeded 1,000 at this annual gathering of the national white collar bar. The institute proudly continues to present outstanding panelists who deal with some of the most significant issues of our time.

This institute has been attended by leading federal and state judges and prosecutors, law enforcement officials, defense attorneys, corporate in-house counsel, and members of the academic community. The faculty regularly includes some of the top members of the white collar bar in the United States and abroad. Among the audience are nationally renowned lawyers, as well as many who are beginning to concentrate in the white collar area.

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Jay Rosen Speaking at SCCE Compliance & Ethics Institute 2018

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Jay Rosen will represent AMI at the SCCE’s 2018 Compliance & Ethics Institute. He will be hosting an Advanced Discussion Group (AD11) called “Secrets from In-house Ethics & Compliance Buyers: How to Keep the Gate and Your Sanity.” The session will take place Tuesday, October 23, from 1:00 – 2:00 pm at the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here are some highlights from his presentation!

Learn how to manage your vendor relationships to
maximize their value proposition and minimize persistent
and time consuming sales pitches. Vendors believe they can make a buyer’s life easier, but
they must listen for “buying or non-buying” cues and
modulate their contact proportionately.  While the compliance community has seen that
tomorrow’s solutions for today E&C issues often come
from the vendor community, in-house clients (buyers)
respond to authentic vendor relationships as they can
easily spot salesy bluster.
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Jay Rosen will attend Compliance Week 2018 in Washington, D.C. — May 21–23

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In its 13th year, Compliance Week 2018 is the premier peer-to-peer event that spotlights compliance leaders and their programs. The comprehensive agenda goes beyond where compliance is now and focuses on emerging trends. Executive compliance, risk, audit, legal, and ethics professionals join to network, collaborate, exchange ideas, and share best practices to mitigate risk and build value within their company.

Read more about the conference here: https://bit.ly/2IeZskE

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Jay Rosen will be attending the SCCE Regional Conference in San Francisco — May 18

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SCCE Regional Conferences provide a forum to interact with local compliance professionals, share information about your compliance successes and challenges, and create educational opportunities for compliance professionals to strengthen the industry. More information coming soon. Topics Covered: Ethics & Integrity Engaging your Board Multi-Generational Workforce Human Trafficking Any questions? Contact the conference planner: katie.burk@corporatecompliance.org Read more about the event here: https://bit.ly/2G9g1N5
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Jay Rosen contributes to “Reflections from Las Vegas” Everything Compliance reports from the SCCE 2017 Compliance and Ethics Institute

By | Jay Rosen, Media

In October 2017, nearly 2000 compliance professionals gathered in Las Vegas for the annual Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) Compliance and Ethics Institute. The event was a great success for all involved, it a tad bittersweet as it was the final CEI where Roy Snell is the President and CEO of the SCCE, as he is stepping down in favor of Gerry Zack on November 1. The Everything Compliance Gang – Jonathan Armstrong, Tom Fox, Matt Kelly and Jay Rosen minus Mike Volkov – was there.

In addition to our first live podcast (Episode 20-Live from SCCE), which featured Roy Snell sitting in for Mike Volkov, the Gang put together some of their thoughts on this year’s conference. This eBook is the result.

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Jay Rosen Compares and Contrasts Voluntary Monitoring and ISO-37001

By | Jay Rosen, Media
Everything Compliance-Episode 17, the Post Harvey Edition, Part I

The top compliance roundtable podcast is back with a wealth of new topics. In this Part I of a two-part episode, we have thoughts from Jonathan Armstrong and Jay Rosen. Next week, Mike Volkov and Matt Kelly. Stayed tuned to the end where there are some great rants in this edition.

1. Jay Rosen brings a detailed discussion of voluntary monitoring and contrasts it with the ISO 37001 standard. Jay rants on the Patriots’ loss in their season opener.

2. Jonathan Armstrong considers the UK government’s response to GDPR. Jonathan rants about idiots on social media.

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Jay Rosen to Speak at the 2017 Compliance and Ethics Institute in Las Vegas, October 16 & 17

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From Bangkok to Bogota and Boston to Brussels, Global ABC and FCPA Benchmarks, Best Practices and Bootcamps – One Size Does Not Fit All
Monday, October 16, 4:30–5:30 pm
Tuesday, October 17, 2:30–3:30 pm
Jay Rosen
VP Business Development & Monitoring Specialist
Affiliated Monitors, Inc.

• How do companies choose to communicate their antibribery values to their global workforce?
• If your compliance program is starting at 0, how to resist the urge to go straight to 60 mph. How to ease yourself out onto the anti-bribery and anti-corruption road.
• What are specific FCPA/Global Compliance risks that keep you challenged?

If you’re an experienced compliance and ethics professional or looking for a more interactive program, this track is for you.

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