Lois Keithly

Compliance Analyst

Boston, MA


Lois Keithly came to AMI in 2015. As a psychologist (PhD) with both a Master of Science degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Dr. Keithly’s work at AMI is focused on managing and analyzing data sets.

In the previous decade, Dr. Keithly distinguished herself as a local and national expert in tobacco cessation and prevention programs; she authored/co-authored ten papers published on the subject and presented the landmark work of Massachusetts’ public health teams to national audiences. In her role as Director of Surveillance and Evaluation for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DOH), Dr. Keithly coordinated collection of surveillance data related to tobacco use, forming the basis for the calculation of tobacco tax revenue and the healthcare cost savings associated with tobacco cessation policies. Dr. Keithly also revised the sampling methodology for the state’s report to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on illegal tobacco sales to minors. Later, as Director of the Massachusetts’ Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Program, Dr. Keithly was responsible for designing meaningful measures of program effectiveness, maximizing program expenditures, and succinctly reporting program outcomes in the annual report of the state’s Department of Public Health. In 2013, she became Senior Scientist for the MA DOH, conducting analysis for the Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund.

Dr. Keithly has served on advisory committees to the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, University of North Carolina, University of Illinois at Chicago, and Stanford University.