James R. Anliot, Esq.

Director of Healthcare Compliance Services

Boston, MA


Jim Anliot is the Director of Healthcare Compliance Services for Affiliated Monitors.  In that capacity, he is responsible for developing internal compliance programs for our healthcare clients and overseeing the performance of our independent monitoring and practice assessment services for them.  As part of his work, Mr. Anliot designs and conducts evaluations of healthcare practices, develops internal compliance programs and practice monitoring systems for healthcare practitioners, and trains both clinical and non-clinical personnel in various practice settings on regulatory compliance and practice improvement issues.  Mr. Anliot has also made numerous presentations to state and national organizations about AMI’s monitoring and compliance planning services.

Before joining Affiliated Monitors, Mr. Anliot served for sixteen years as legal counsel to a wide range of licensing boards in the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure, including those which oversee more than a dozen different healthcare disciplines.  During those years, he actively promoted the use of creative alternatives to formal disciplinary actions against providers, including the use of internal regulatory compliance programs and clinical mentoring arrangements, to prevent violations of state or federal law and enhance patient care.  Earlier in his career, while at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, he designed and implemented a program which screened prospective health care facility operators on the basis of patient care quality and financial viability criteria in an effort to reduce the need for enforcement actions against such facilities.  His extensive experience with healthcare regulation, and his understanding of the challenges facing both healthcare providers and regulators, enable him to work constructively with both sides to develop solutions to regulatory issues that can benefit all parties.