Cynthia Owens

Chief Compliance Officer

Boston, MA

Cynthia Owens, MA, CCRC began her career in the medical field in 1989.  Ms. Owens focused exclusively on clinical research from 1994-2005.  At that time, while continuing her involvement in clinical research through regulatory oversight, she began project management, training and monitoring for Affiliated Monitors, a company that specializes in monitoring licensed practitioners and businesses that have been sanctioned by oversight agencies.  Ms. Owens serves as the Director of Compliance Training for Affiliated Monitors; she helps licensed professionals to continue practicing while they are also learning how to comply with state and federal regulations.

Ms. Owens is a nationally recognized expert on Subject Recruitment, having served as Director of Clinical Trials for a variety of indications.  In addition to co-founding Asentral, Inc. IRB, Ms. Owens owns and operates a national consulting service, which integrates clinical operations with research practices to improve the overall performance within each site’s unique culture.  She has written and implemented standard operating procedures, recruitment plans, staff training manuals, quality assurance guidelines and directed all aspects of public relations for independent clinical research sites. A featured speaker at national symposiums on good clinical practice, Ms. Owens is recognized as a leader in her field.