reporting hotlinesAffiliated Monitors offers a reporting Hotline service – a channel for informal communication of complaints or concerns to an independent third party.  Staff, customers or other parties can call the toll-free Hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without fear of recrimination.  Complaints may be made anonymously.

The Hotline also benefits businesses because:

  • Complaints can be handled quickly and addressed before matters escalate to lawsuits and counter suits;
  • Employers become aware of problems that might otherwise be overlooked;
  • Customer satisfaction improves when customers (or clients/patients) have an opportunity to raise issues of concern;
  • Morale improves when employees have a reliable, confidential means of identifying problems and suggesting improvements; and
  • Subject matter concerns can be tracked by topic or region, and trends flagged for broad-based educational intervention by the company’s ethics program

Often, Hotline calls are placed by employees with questions about the legality of company policies or actions.  These inquiries provide a valuable early-warning system to savvy businesses, identifying matters that, left unresolved, could lead to criminal prosecution or debarment.

Affiliated Monitors provides wall posters for your office to announce the Hotline service.  The posters emphasize that all callers will be protected from retaliation and can contact the Hotline without their identity being revealed.

Although Affiliated Monitors protects the confidentiality of the reporters, we also require Hotline clients to agree there will be no retaliation against anyone who uses the service.

Affiliated Monitors maintains call logs and files for all Hotline clients and we can provide monthly, quarterly or annual reports of activities, as requested.