Lending With Integrity

Mortgage lenders, bankers and brokers, and regulators all have one thing in common – they don’t like surprises. At least not the kinds of surprises that have resulted from fraudulent or questionable lending practices which, in turn, have led to an unprecedented number of defaults and foreclosures.

Affiliated Monitors works with lenders, bankers and brokers to create monitoring programs that can produce consistent, sound standards that can:

  • Reduce loan defaults
  • Reduce foreclosures
  • Improve loan performance
  • Improve profitability
  • Strengthen business relationships
  • Enhance reputation

By reinforcing or improving the integrity of the loan process and enforcing sound mortgage underwriting practices, Affiliated Monitors can help mortgage businesses comply with regulatory requirements, demonstrate compliance and increase transparency. Affiliated Monitors provides:

  • Independent monitoring as an alternative to suspension or revocation of a license or loss of credentials
  • Compliance programs custom-tailored for each client’s needs
  • Reporting hotline services
  • Training programs designed to improve efficiency and compliance

These specialized programs prevent or reduce the possibility of mortgage fraud, such as falsified documents, forgery, failure-to-disclose, false appraisals and predatory lending practices.

Our services cover regulatory issues affecting all aspects of loan activity, including sub-prime loans, no-doc, stated, interest-only, Alt-A and other forms of non-conventional mortgages that may represent a higher level of risk than conventional mortgages.

Affiliated Monitor’s assessments can also match the underwriting standards of the loan originator to government entities involved in the loan process to determine conformity to their standards. We can also monitor foreclosure mitigation programs to determine if compliance to goals and standards, set forth by lending institutions and regulators, are being followed.