Does Your Healthcare Practice Need A Check-Up?

Because of our depth of experience in the healthcare industry, Affiliated Monitors, Inc. (AMI) is uniquely qualified to provide full evaluations, investigations and compliance reviews for healthcare professionals and their practices, in addition to management tools for self-monitoring.

We work with  individual professionals, small and large group practices, clinics and companies, including pharmaceutical and durable medical equipment, home health and nursing home facilities.

The most frequently scrutinized practice areas include billing and coding, Medicaid and Medicare compliance, record keeping, over-utilization, insurance fraud, boundary violations, disruptive behavior and regulatory compliance. We also help professionals comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Our compliance programs include audits, manuals, training and monitoring.

Our healthcare monitors, investigators and trainers include physicians, psychiatrists, pharmacists, chiropractors, dentists, optometrists and nurses.

We can develop a compliance program for every need. We provide audits, manuals, training, monitoring and Hotline services.