Vincent L. DiCianni

President & Founder

Boston, MA

Eric R. Feldman

SVP and Managing Director, Corporate Ethics and Compliance Programs

Los Angeles, CA

Donald K. Stern

Managing Director, Corporate Monitoring and Consulting Services

Boston, MA

Catherine A. Keyes

Vice President of Operations

Boston, MA

Rodney A. Grandon

Managing Director of Government Services

Washington, D.C.

James R. Anliot

Director of Healthcare Compliance Services

Boston, MA

Debbie Waugh

Regional Director for Healthcare Compliance

Denver, CO

Reynold M. Benjamin

Executive Director, Corporate Monitoring and Compliance Consulting Services

Los Angeles, CA

Jay Rosen

Vice President of Business Development, Monitoring Specialist

Los Angeles, CA

Stephen J. Nemmers

Director of Monitoring Operations

Boston, MA

Lois Keithly

Compliance Analyst

Boston, MA

Beth A. Compton

Regional Director for Compliance and Monitoring

Chicago, IL

Cynthia Owens

Director of Compliance Training

Boston, MA

Denise L. Moran

Compliance Analyst

Melbourne, FL

Deann Conroy

Compliance Analyst

York, PA

Catherine Cordy

Compliance Analyst

South Kingstown, RI

Rae Ramsdell

Compliance Analyst

Holt, MI

Timothy R. Shannon

Compliance and Monitoring Associate

Boston, MA

Carol Simms

Chief of Administration

Boston, MA

Sylvia Dickens

Administrative Assistant

Boston, MA