Started in 2004, Affiliated Monitors was the first company in the United States to focus on providing top-quality, independent integrity monitoring services across a wide range of regulated industries and professions.  What distinguishes Affiliated Monitors from others is that monitoring is our business; it is not a sideline to some other professional practice or service.  Affiliated Monitors has been the monitor in more than four hundred matters, involving large multi-national companies and individual practitioners.

We identify and promote best practices, incorporate agency and client input into our processes and produce not only high-quality, timely reports, but also exceptional results in terms of improved client performance.  Affiliated Monitors maintains its neutrality, free from the conflicts of interest and undue influence which can arise in certain personal or business relationships.

In today’s economy, belt tightening by government agencies has led to increased scrutiny of public expenditures and, in many instances, zero tolerance for deficiencies.  In addition, with expanded regulatory obligations, businesses and professionals find it difficult to keep up with all of the legal requirements that govern their operations while maintaining the highest ethical standards.  Failure to meet legal requirements can lead to suspension, debarment, or loss of a contract or professional license.

federal regulations

On the federal side, changes to Federal Acquisition Regulations and Federal Sentencing Guidelines specifically identify periodic, independent assessments of an organization’s ethics and integrity programs as one of the key factors in determining a company’s due diligence and commitment to ethical behavior.  A robust, effective Ethics and Compliance Program is now a factor in government agency source-selection, suspension and debarment decisions, federal prosecution decisions, and federal sentencing recommendations.

To help meet the needs of regulated businesses, Affiliated Monitors provides independent integrity monitoring, comprehensive ethics evaluations, compliance auditing and planning, training, and independent hot line services for regulated businesses and professionals in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, government contracting, construction, engineering, and insurance.

We work privately with many businesses and professionals to provide ethics programs and comprehensive compliance programs to facilitate compliance with government regulations and ethical obligations. Our programs provide clients with an accurate assessment of their level of compliance with applicable state and federal regulations, custom-tailored manuals and training seminars for owners and staff.

magnifying glassAffiliated Monitors also supplies solutions for those who may be faced with government disciplinary actions, such as suspension or debarment, by working with government agencies and the companies and professionals they license and regulate. AMI makes it possible to avoid more severe sanctions by monitoring licensed professionals while they correct regulatory violations or practice problems.

Throughout the probationary period, the disciplined professional operates under the oversight of an experienced, licensed professional monitor from AMI. Monitoring helps licensed professionals and businesses correct the mistakes that led to sanctions, and provides an opportunity to implement effective internal controls and demonstrate good faith and integrity to the public.  We work to ensure that improvements can be sustained, allowing businesses and professionals to reestablish public trust and confidence that may have been diminished.

Regardless of the size or nature of the matter, our independent monitoring programs are an excellent, cost-effective and constructive alternative to traditional enforcement practices and will bring those in need of our services the benefits of a team of professionals who want to see them succeed.