AMI’s Services Can Benefit Everyone:

Corporations & Small/Medium Businesses

AMI helps companies facing the types of ethics and compliance challenges which can damage their reputations and place the company at risk – for debarment, fines, or other problems. With increasing scrutiny by government regulators, customers, contracting authorities and even media, many businesses and their attorneys know that a strong, values-based ethics program and an ethical corporate culture can reduce the risk of costly mistakes.

Licensed Professionals

AMI can protect the career and reputation of licensed professionals. Before monitoring was introduced, many professionals faced having their license revoked or suspended. They might pay heavy penalties or lose their credentials, even for relatively minor violations. Monitoring is not just an innovative approach – it helps practitioners improve their understanding of state and federal regulatory requirements to ensure ongoing compliance and enhanced quality of service.


By using AMI’s services, defense counsel can offer their clients programs that allow them to continue to practice, correct their regulatory deficiencies and potentially avoid severe penalties. Attorneys can use AMI’s services effectively by working proactively to address their clients’ needs and by incorporating AMI’s services within a corrective action program as an alternative when negotiating with oversight agencies.

Licensing Boards

The mission of licensing boards is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public. This important mission is often constrained by limited funding. AMI can offer more efficient and effective approaches for dealing with sanctioned professionals. Armed with AMI’s compliance and oversight programs, licensing boards can resolve disciplinary matters more quickly, while also reducing backlogs and minimizing costs to the board.

State/Federal Agencies

The backlog of complaints is growing while funding for state and federal agencies is being reduced. Using AMI’s independent oversight and compliance programs, company hotlines and credentialing services, agencies can improve the enforcement of corporate integrity agreements and the performance of independent review organizations.

Insurance Carriers

AMI works with insurance networks to oversee the corrective efforts of licensed professionals who have faced provider status discipline. We work to ensure that these providers are upholding the highest professional standards and meeting their contractual obligations to the carrier.

Professional Associations & Non-Profits

AMI can provide quick, effective help for members when they face possible sanctions. AMI works with peer review organizations and can create assessment and/or monitoring programs that will provide these organizations with independent, reliable and objective oversight.

The Public

When licensed professionals and companies adhere to the standards set forth by governing statutes and regulations that govern them, the public safety is better protected and the quality of service improves. AMI’s services help to build public trust and confidence in the integrity of businesses and licensed professionals.